Here is some of the feedback I have received from my clients, both past and present:
Thank you so much.  You are awesome!  I insist on having you in my life!
CF, Retail Sales
It was really helpful seeing you.  You’re very good at what you do.  I’m a tough sell on these matters, although you wouldn’t know it because I intuitively trust you.
MS, Musician
I am so grateful to you in so many ways. . .your kindness means the world to me.
PP, Model
My daughter’s pain [after her leg injury] is down from a 9 [on a scale of 1 to 10] to a 4.  I credit Karen Brodie’s EFT, which she did with Rachel on Sunday.  Pain was significantly less by Monday afternoon.
NB, Mother
Thank you for your commitment to doing this work.  Our family continues to heal as a result of our work with you.
LA, singer, vocal coach
EFT with Karen helped me to realize that I am not a bad
person.  . .it helped me tremendously.
RA, 12 years old
Thank you, Karen, for such an awesome session.  Today we have gone below the fear to the self-abandonment and self-condemnation that perpetuates it.   We’re getting to the heart of it.  I appreciate this very, very much.
RB, Bookkeeper
EFT helped me so much!  It took away my fear at [ice skating] competitions!
KM, 10 years old
Thank you very much for today.  I did feel safe, which allowed me to be candid about these events.
TW, Actor



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