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On this page, I share with you the results you can expect if you work with me, my guiding beliefs in the realm of healing, and how I am different from the other EFT Practitioners out there.

Expected Results

Although I do not guarantee any particular result, there are certain results that I gain on a consistent basis with my clients.

  • My clients tend to shift their focus from what is bothering them to what they want, often after just one session.  Since it is rare to reach a goal without focusing on it first, this is probably the most important aspect of my work with clients.
  • My clients lose their vulnerability toward being hijacked by their nervous systems.  They develop the  confidence and the focus that comes with being able to choose their response to their environment rather than their environment dictating behaviors to them through their conditioning.  (And “environment” as I use it includes everything –  people, places, things and ideas!)
  • My clients get their rhythm back – the rhythm of sleeping, waking, eating and working.    After a major negative event, whether it happened yesterday or 10 years ago, the body and mind often become disorganized and disrupted.  This disruption makes it difficult to thrive and to achieve.  My clients regain these rhythms so they can focus on getting what they want out of life!
  • Clients are liberated from fears and phobias that keep them from flying on airplanes, being near snakes, leaving their homes, et cetera.  They experience the relief of finally being able to decide how to spend their time and where to go without being dictated to by their fears.
  • Clients often gain relief from physical symptoms arising out of PTSD and other emotionally traumatic experiences.  Emotional trauma can cause all sorts of physical difficulties, such as headaches, back pain and muscle tension.  Oftentimes, these physical manifestations of emotional distress disappear as a welcome side effect when I work with my clients on dissolving past trauma so they can get what they want out of life.
  • Clients are freed from random fears that arise out of unhealed traumatic incidents.  This frees them up to focus on what they really want!
  • Clients are no longer are tormented by intrusive thoughts about previous traumatic incidents.  My clients find that once they are no longer dealing with frightening thoughts that pop into their minds without warning, they can focus on improving and enjoying their lives.

Two Guiding Beliefs

One of the key principles that guides me in my work is my belief that there is always a way to heal.  Emotional Freedom Technique has helped many people who believed that they were broken and could not be fixed; however,  I have not yet met a person for whom that statement is true.

My other primary belief is that knowing how one’s own mind works is a basic survival skill that every human being should have.   A large part of my mission is to help my clients understand themselves.  Happy people are happy because they know how to manage their thoughts and to pay attention to their environment in a way that allows their minds to relax and have fun.

My Approach

My approach to working with my clients is to, first of all, go for the low-hanging fruit.  What I mean by that is that I work to find the quickest, easiest way for my clients to get some relief.  Sometimes that means clearing traumas, but other times it means suggesting new ways of approaching and thinking about life or finding a better way to balance obligations and needs.

Another aspect of my approach is that I allow a natural rhythm of healing to emerge in the flow of my one-on-one work.  In the case individuals who have suffered a single traumatic event, we usually get right to work on that one event, and I usually see the person one to three times.  However, when there are many things going on at once, or when someone has grown up in an abusive situation, the rhythm that emerges is completely different.  In these cases, we usually spend the first session (which is 90 minutes long) getting to know each other.  It helps me to have an overview of someone’s life before trying to fix anything when there are so many variables.  In the end, it saves time to be more thorough in the beginning.  EFT has become well known for being quick and efficient, and it deserves this reputation; however, people are not machines, and it can take time to make the connections and unravel the knots that lead to the profound healings I see so often.  The groundwork is important, and healing emerges more easily when we allow it to go at its own pace.

My Uniqueness
The main thing that makes me different from other EFT Practitioners is that I have been trained in many disciplines and explored many schools of thought.  I began my career by specializing in trauma,  but over time I have worked with just about every issue imaginable.  I have had success in working with eating disorders, chronic pain, phobias, debilitating grief, fear of heights, claustrophobia, anxiety, panic attacks, relationship difficulties, compulsions and chronic anger.
Another thing that is different about me is that I am obsessively focused on results.  This means that, in one-on-one sessions, we will go to the areas where change is possible.  It means that during every moment of our session, I am watching for the “in” where motivation, inspiration and healing can take place.  Sometimes that means helping you get into a more resourceful state of mind from which you can jump into a new awareness; sometimes it means directly addressing your past; sometimes it means looking at a seemingly small incident from your day, and learning with you that it is a microcosm for the macrocosm of your life.  As the old saying goes, “How you do anything is how you do everything.”  With that wisdom, we can use whatever is bothering you to heal your past and put your future back into your own hands!
The last thing that makes me different from other EFT Practitioners is my 25 years of  meditation experience and my study of the Wisdom Traditions.   If you have truly and thoroughly seen your own mind, you have seen them all.  Practitioners who try to help other people when they don’t understand how their own minds work run into a lot of roadblocks!  Between my own meditation practice, and my experience as a meditation teacher, I have seen the pitfalls we all fall into when our minds run the show instead of work in our service.  With my many years of meditation practice, I can help you notice your thoughts and the huge impact they have on your emotional and physical well being.  Without this ability, there is no long-lasting healing!
Now that you have an idea of the results you can expect by working with me, and my approach and philosophy of working with clients, I would invite you to take a look at the  Services page to learn about the services I provide and the associated costs. 
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