Case Studies

On this page are several case studies of clients I have worked with.

Tina was an Iraqi war veteran who had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She had finished her tour of duty in Iraq, but as is often the case with veterans, she came home shattered.  Read more.

Bernadette was a woman in her 60’s who came to me because her neck was frozen. She had a little bit of movement going up and down, but almost none if she wanted to turn her head back and forth, as if saying “no.”  Read more.

Frank was a World War II veteran who had been diagnosed with PTSD. He was deeply disturbed by a series of events he had experienced during the war and had begun to cry  every day, over 60 years later. As it turned out, the cause of his distress was not directly related to the war, which is unusual.  Read more.

Sophie was a five-year-old girl who was a good friend of my daughter’s. Because I knew her mother as well, I was aware that Sophie’s parents had recently gone through an extremely trying divorce which had involved violence on the part of her father toward her mother.  Read more.

Mike was a cameraman who came to see me because he had a fear of heights. He had recently had to withdraw from a job because they needed someone to film on the 32nd floor of a high rise. Mike just wasn’t able to do it. Now he was being asked to do filming 400 feet up in the air on a radio tower. He was leaving in three days for the job, and asked me to help him with his fear of heights.  Read more.

Misha lived through a woman’s worst nightmare.  Her amazing courage got her through that night, but she needed help to get past it completely.  Read more.


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