Do Your Goals Leave you Listless?

May 1, 2013 § Leave a comment

Choosing the right goal is an art; once you master that skill, you are unstoppable.  But until you get it right, you might feel as though you are floundering.

Does your goal meet each of these criteria?

1.  You know you can probably reach your goal, but you aren’t entirely sure.  Everything is more interesting when we don’t know how it is going to turn out – movies, novels, goals.  Be willing to live on the edge of your confidence.  If you spend enough time there, you will find yourself changing from fearful victim to self-directed doer.  Be brave and go for it!

2.  Doing what you need to do to reach your goal makes you nervous.   The actions you need to take don’t necessarily come naturally, because you are going for something new that you haven’t already done before.  If you worry about how you’ll be received in this uncharted territory, Bravo!  You are right where you should be.  Worthwhile goals call for daring and bold behavior.

3.  You can map a clear course of action for your goal.  At least for the next month or two, you have a good idea of everything that needs to be done and how you are going to try to do it.  If you love your goal but have no idea how to reach it, you are working with too big of a chunk.  Divide it up into baby steps and make a clear plan.

4.  Your goal is the right size.  If it’s too big, you will get lost in it.  You won’t be able to map it or even picture yourself achieving it.  On the other hand, if it is too small, you won’t get that crazed sense of excitement that tells you this is a goal worth achieving.  If it is the right size, you will be able to dig in with conviction and focus.

5.  Your goal matters to you.  How do you know if your goal really matters to you?  Getting closer will make your pulse race and your energy rise.  You will feel excited at the thought of achieving it, without taking yourself through a lot of fancy New Agey visualization exercises.  On the other hand, the inevitable failures and rejection will not overwhelm your desire to achieve your goal if it is important enough to you.

6.  You have tested your goal.  Before you commit to a goal, live with it for awhile to see if it meets the above criteria.  If it does, go for it!  If it doesn’t, analyze it to see where it falls short and use that feedback to try again.  If choosing a good goal seems difficult, take heart:  you are really creating and directing this era of your life when you set goals.  When it is put it that way, it’s easier to justify all the time and attention that goes into choosing a good goal.


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