Welcome to Get Back On Your Feet! Are you struggling?  Did you think that, by now, your life would be more together? You can have the life of your dreams, but you must approach the tasks of building that life in the right order.  One of the most important things we can do as we break free of the mundane is to deal with any fear or past event that saps our self-confidence or somehow holds us back.

Have you ever noticed how children have this perfect self-confidence?  And big dreams to go along with it?  By the time my daughter was nine years old, she had decided she would be a Kindergarten teacher during the school year, and a veterinarian in the summertime.  She decided on this life because she thinks it will be fun, and because she loves small children and animals of all sorts.  It suited her passions perfectly back then.

Children are able to come up with these wonderful life plans because they are not loaded down with the heavy baggage of unhealed drama and trauma.  They are solidly on their feet and in their power.  Unfortunately, for many of us, we find ourselves stumbling and limping along if we have too much to face without knowing how to heal and stand up strong again.  We start to pull back, to become “sensible,” to change our goals from flying to the moon to getting out of bed.

Well, I have great news for you!  You can revive the daring, boldness and joy you had when you were younger.  Perhaps the details of what you aspire to will have changed – for instance, you may not be as inspired by the thought of living at  Disneyland as you once were (one of my childhood aspirations) – but you can revive that feeling of inspiration and joy that you once had, and you can get excited about your life again!

Imagine facing each and every day with excitement and passion!  What do you think it would be like to wake up every morning knowing that the day ahead of you was packed with people you were eager to see, and activities that you couldn’t wait to do?  Can you picture yourself musing, while going about your day, about all the people whose lives you have touched for the better, because you made the commitment to live the life of your dreams?  What if you had a passion that was so strong, and a love for life that was so unbridled, that it could carry you through any difficulties that might arise in your life?

All this is possible for you!  I invite you to look around this website.  Read the case studies to get an idea of what is possible with Emotional Freedom Technique.  And check out the blog, which is completely dedicated to people like you, who want to get back on their feet in a way they never have been before!

Have a question?  Send it to here.  Questions will be answered in either a blog post or private email, at my discretion.  Questions may be edited for brevity and clarity.

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